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July 2013
Kovis will be closed from 03.08.2013 – 18.08.2013 due to holidays. Any inquiries regarding dispatches must be performed before or after this period.

Quality system

Kovis has been among the first ones to be certified with the certificate ISO9001:1995 in 1995. With the continuous quality development it has successfully incorporated the ISO9001:2000, where development was included into its Quality System. Kovis has just recently been certified with ISO14001:2004 as well.

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KOVIS has been a very successful company in the railway industry for several years running, exporting goods all over Europe as well as countries in Africa and Asia. KOVIS has always emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction together with product quality and on time deliveries. The company has specialized in the production of high quality metal products for the railway vehicles, such as brake discs, axle boxes, brake pad and brake shoe holders.

The high quality of KOVIS’s products has been based on the latest technology, computer guided machines and quality control, as well as know - how and professionalism of all of our staff. Our great pride is also the KOVIS foundry, which is a part of our company producing casts from grey cast iron (EN-GJL) and nodular graphite iron (EN-GJS).

Due to the good leadership of KOVIS and it’s strategic planning, KOVIS was able to position itself in the last couple of years as a market leader in production of brake discs and axle boxes. With new technical ideas, constant investments in R&D, other creative developmental solutions and investments in modern machining park and new production halls, KOVIS managed to overcome economic crisis which affected other players in the same industry without any problems. It is now looking forward to new challenges and new markets/clients that were set as goals for the oncoming years.

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